Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wildfires destroy Home

It's been awhile since I posted as I've been trying to get adjusted to a new life after loosing our home in the Wildfires that hit Oklahoma.  I know many from the hurricane have lost their homes and my heart goes out to you all !

Any item I had posted on here or my other blog. ( for sale have been destroyed !  Years of craft supplies and sewing machines have all been lost !
We are in the process of planning our new home, and plan to have another craft and sewing room !
Hope it won't be too soon until I can start designing again.
I do have a picture I can post of another beautiful fruit cascade ! This was recently at my cousins 25th wedding celebrations. Everything was so pretty !

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunset and Flowers

Where is my paintbrush? I quickly snapped this picture going down the road. The skies change  quick! This was so unusual ! The clouds at top looked like big tractor tires had just ran across it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shabby Chic Make Overs...

I  had this wood box in my booth and it just wasn't selling, although I did have it priced very reasonable. I took it home and gave it a fresh coat of paint.   I used some decals I had in my scrapbooking supplies ,putting them on with mod podge. I sponged on ink around edges and handle. .Also used a rubber stamp for the "postage stamp" look.  Cut a piece of burlap and put inside.  Took it back to my booth,  (I was tempted to keep it. ) It sold in just a few days !!!

Beautiful Home Decor & Fruit Cascade !

 A friend of mine does such a beautiful job of decorating I just had to add these pictures ! Hope you are as inspired by these designs as I was ! Love the fruit bowl.
She has mixed the old with the new..some are keepsakes handed down to her from her family.

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Wow ! and Wow again !!  While attending the wedding of a friend I couldn't resist taking pictures of the lovely fruit cascade . The fruit dip was delicious.

Friday, April 9, 2010

All About Herbs !!

Well, it feels like spring has arrived, although we did have a heavy frost night before last. Are you all excited about working outside as I am ? I just had to buy at least ONE tomatoe plant yesterday. April 17 is Herbal Affair in Sandsprings. I'm looking forward to going !! I had planned to have some things made and have a booth myself, but for some reason I'm too slow !!

Okay;;;; so you want to plant some Herbs this year ! Me too !

Here is some information about Herbs I hope you enjoy !! Keep checking back for more listings!

CALENDULA ( calendula officinalis)

This is really Marigold plant. This is available just about anywhere that sells plants. Just make sure it is the calendula brand, as this is the medicinal marigold. !!!

You can make a tea for colds and flu.

Sooth irritated skin. Steep flowers in water. Dip clean cloth in this tea solutions and place on skin.

Tea is also a good rinse for your mouth if you have sores in mouth.

Calendula Oil can be

Use flower petals in your salad for a very pretty look !

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Purse

I Just Finished a new purse for my daughter in law. The front and back are panels that can be changed to match your out fit. The purse has 2 outside pockets. Inside there is 2 side pockets. Three pockets on front, and one zippered pocket.
I sell these purses for $50.00. This encludes one panel. You can have up to 4 pictures added if you want the scrapbook design. Additional panels can be ordered for 20.00. If you furnish your own fabric that you want panel made of, the charge is 15.00.
This purse is vinyl, but you can choose canvas, duckcloth, denim or any other fabric.
Or if you choose to make your own, The pattern will be available soon for $ 12.00. This encluded purse and panel pattern. Or if you have purchased a purse from me and then would like to design your own panels, the Panel Pattern Only is $ 6.00. These are copyrighted so cannot be shared, you must purchase your own pattern!This is the back view of the same panel. !This is another panel I made to go with this same purse, just a different color scheme !

I have no set design to do the " scrapbook" designs, there are many different ways they can be designed, and embellished ! These are " one of a kind" !
Just email me , or post any questions you may have !

Snow Icecream

Well, I'm way behind on my posting. Since the last was the snow pictures I will put this snow ice cream recipe on here.


2 eggs
2 cups sugar
1tsp. vanilla
1 can eagle brand milk
1/2 can of milnot ( or other canned milk)

Beat all together until well blended, then start adding snow.

Be Careful ! Enjoy ! Just don't get a brain freeze! ! !